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Schedule of Dilapidations in Glasgow

If you own a commercial, domestic or industrial property that you are about to lease out, then before you allow the lease to be signed, it will be worth your while from a legal standpoint to obtain a Schedule of Dilapidations. This ensures you are protected against having to pay for any damages that results to your property for which your tenants are responsible. At Robert Gavin Associates, we can help you to draw up a legal document that will give you peace of mind.


We offer a comprehensive Schedule of Dilapidations to landlords and property owners. As part of our valuable service, we'll prepare for you a detailed report, together with any necessary photographic evidence, to help you to ensure that you avoid significant costs that you may incur as necessary to repair or restore a property to its pre-lease condition due to your tenant's actions or breaches of their lease.


If you are about to lease a property, you need to ensure that the property is maintained properly, and you should ensure proper dilapidations practice by warning your tenants in advance of any neglect. This means that any risk to the value of the property is arrested before any problem becomes an extensive one. You can always issue an interim Schedule of Dilapidations to focus the attention of your tenants upon any existing problems that you've identified.


To speak to us about the possible drawing up of a Schedule of Dilapidations, please free to contact us.

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