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Schedule of Conditions in Glasgow

If you're about to sign a lease on a property, then we at Robert Gavin Associates recommend that you obtain a Schedule of Conditions for your own legal safety and peace of mind. Before you sign a lease on a domestic, industrial or commercial property, you really need to acquire an accurate record of the building's condition. This is so it can be returned to the owner of the property in an identical condition, and so that you are protected from unwarranted repairs that may be asked of you that are not your responsibility once the lease has ended and the contact terminated.


If you're a tenant who is about to enter a lease agreement with a landlord, at Robert Gavin Associates we can provide a thorough Schedule of Conditions for you. We will provide you with photographic evidence and a comprehensive report that outlines fully the actual physical condition of the property. This means that at the end of the contact you are able to return the building to its original condition, rather than making unnecessary contributions towards leaving the building in a better condition than it was when you first entered it as a leaseholder.


A Schedule of Conditions provides you with excellent protection against claims for repairs costs, which is a small price to pay for something that could potentially save you a lot of money. If you wish to discuss obtaining a Schedule of Conditions then please contact us.


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