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Expert building surveys in Glasgow undertaken by Robert Gavin Associates: Contact us:

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Building surveys in Glasgow for you

At Robert Gavin Associates we can supply a comprehensive building survey for you. We will inspect the property you advise us to, and in a style that's suited to the property and to your specific requirements.


Our building surveys are suitable for all properties, including:


- listed buildings

- older properties

- buildings constructed in an unusual fashion

- properties that you plan to alter or renovate

- properties that have already been altered or renovated


We will examine all the accessible parts of the property. If you wish to have any specific areas included, for example if you have a particular concern about the building, then just ask. Our property surveys can be tailored in respect to your individual needs and requirements.


Our survey will include details of any major or minor defects and what they could mean, the possible cost of any repairs that need undertaking, the results of damp testing on walls, and damage to timbers including from woodworm and rot, the conditions of damp-proofing, insulation and drainage, and technical details on the construction of the property and the materials used.


We even include a valuation if you need one. If you need a building survey undertaken on a property, then please contact us.



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